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Holistic health coaching for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

Optimal wellbeing is key to set you up for success when going after your dreams and goals. To achieve that, we have to look at three areas of your life: physical, mental and spiritual.

If one or more of these areas are over- or underdeveloped, it will show up as an imbalance in your life. This can manifest as dis-ease, addiction, forms of emotional numbing, unhealthy relationship-patterns, or self-sabotaging behaviour, just to mention a few.

Only when we are balanced in all three areas can we thrive instead of just survive.

My Signature Approach

The road to optimal health and wellbeing is just as unique as you. Cookie-cutter methods just won’t cut it when it comes to something this important.

That’s why I combine my Transformational Nutrition Coaching training with my passion for Kundalini yoga and meditation, self-discovery tools and aromatherapy to offer you an inclusive, well-rounded approach tailored specifically to you and your goals.

Transformational Nutrition

Instead of providing band-aid-solutions and quick fixes, Transformational Nutrition Coaching combines health, wellness and life coaching to offer you a truly holistic approach. To effectively address imbalances, we will look at the root causes of your symptoms on a Body-Mind-Soul-level, blending the latest teachings from science, psychology, and spirituality.

To craft an individualized healing protocol, I use a comprehensive questionnaire that focuses on your health history so far as well as your health and wellness goals for the future.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. Brought to the West in the 1970s by Yogi Bhajan, it uses kriyas (a set of postures) and meditations to awaken and organize the energy of greater awareness and consciousness. It helps us to shed light on our self-imposed limitations, think outside the box and develop our intuitive mind. Intuition and awareness are crucial in navigating current health issues and living in a way that prevents future ones.

I will choose powerful kriyas and meditations based on your specific goals to support your journey to optimal wellbeing.


In our modern world, most of us have lost touch with our authentic selves. Instead, we gain our sense of self from external validation through people and things. With all this outward focus, our energy is dispersed instead of concentrated and centered within. We lack a strong core that enables us to gracefully deal with life’s challenges. Instead, we suppress or internalize our emotions and engage in unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Through tools and concepts, such as personality tests, astrology and Human Design, we will peel back layer after layer of external conditioning and attachment to reconnect you with your true essence within.


Essential oils have been used for religious purposes and healing various ailments for centuries. Now you can immensely benefit from their healing properties as well by integrating different oils in your daily routine.

I will recommend certain oils for specific situations or overall to perfectly complement your individual healing protocol.

Working with me – What you can expect

00: Connection

I offer you a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session to see if we are a good match and to show you, what working together could look like.

01: Your story

This initial 1-hour coaching session focuses on your story, your current health and your future goals. In this session, we will go through the Assessment Form you have filled out in advance together and you have time to explain everything you want me to know. Having these insights into your backstory is crucial so I can craft a protocol for your unique needs and goals.

02: Deep-Dive

All follow-up sessions after our initial consultation will be about 45 minutes. Depending on your preference and package, we will meet weekly or bi-weekly. These sessions are where the real work but also the magic happens. We’ll set small goals, review your homework, check in on your progress, and adjust as needed every step of the way.

What to expect

  • An individualized protocol as uniquely as you, not just another diet or quick fix. During our time together we’ll dig deep into your story, your subconscious patterns and triggers. We will address the root causes, not just tend to symptoms, so you can experience real and long-lasting change.
  • A holistic approach, serving you on a mind-body-soul level. This can include real-life, convenient nutritional advice, trauma healing, soul work through journaling prompts and affirmations, inner child work, and subconscious work through Kundalini yoga and meditation, just to mention a few.

Interested? Join me for your complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session to answer any of your questions.